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    ALRIGHT FOLKS, NEW ALBUM IS OUT! W00t! I'm so hyped. I've been busting my ass on this one for almost three months now. I'm emotionally and physically drained and now I need a long break. But you know what? IT'S DONE. It's long, it's dirty, it's messy, but I just can't bring myself to work on it anymore. Everything I did wrong, fucked up, and learned from in the last year or so is somewhere on this album. Also there were some problems with my drum machine equipment, so my electronic drums are sometimes slightly out of sync here and there....but it shouldn't be too terrible. I mean, shit, it's not like I'm selling this stuff for anything


    Album is called The Black Box Dilemma. It's 45:45 long (that's 45 minutes, 45 seconds). It's 14 tracks. Those tracks are:

    01: Once Upon A Time {1:26}
    02: Countdown {2:11}
    03: The Black Box Dilemma (Part I) {3:02}
    04: Words To You {4:36}
    05: Pearls Before Swine {2:52}
    06: Dr. Damned {2:57}
    07: I'm Going Home {2:24}
    08: Untitled (Sell My Soul) {3:14}
    09: Admit It {3:25}
    10: The Black Box Dilemma (Part II) {2:46}
    11: One-Way Affair
    12: Revenge of the Pigs {3:44}
    13: The Black Box Dilemma (Part III - Reprise) {6:52}
    14: The Prince and the Raven {3:33}

    So here it is, folks! Enjoy it....or don't!
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    For all the places I never was
    For all the people I never stopped
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