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Thread: Coming For You Cover Contest

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    Default Coming For You Cover Contest As you all might know there is a contest where you cover Coming For You, record while you play, and send the YT link to the url posted before. Is anyone doing it? And if so, are you having the same problem as me that when you try to send the video, after giving e-mail address, first and last name, YT video link, and accept Terms & Conditions it still says "You must be 14 year old or older"? As far as I know I am older, I checked my e-mail and YT accounts just in case my birth date was wrong but no, it keeps displaying the 14 year old thing and there is no way to indicate your age.

    Good Luck with the contest if you are participating!
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    It's a pretty sweet contest. I passed it on to a friend, since I don't have the equipment to record a cover video properly, and he has. That age thing is weird, but I surely wish good luck to everyone participating!
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