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I fail to see what's wrong to release that many albums. If it were band you liked, you'd be incredibly happy to get that much material in such a short span of time. If the Offspring did it, you guys would be pumped. And don't even come back with "YEAH BUT THEY WOULDN'T CAUSE IT'S STUPID" because you don't know that they wouldn't or that they think it's dumb. (Also before you accuse me of the same thing, I'm not saying they don't think it's dumb. I'm using a hypothetical).

Bands like Husker Du, the Mountain Goats, the Replacements, Black Flag, the Beatles, and tons more were known for releasing multiple albums a year. In early rock 'n roll, bands usually would release an album and an EP of new material each calendar year, and sometimes would release two albums. Most early punk bands released a massive amount of material in a short period of time. This isn't some major unprecedented thing. The advertising for it is different, but at the same time, advertising for a new album is usually directed by the label, not the band.

It's weird because I'm defending a song I more or less find mediocre (if promising in terms of style) from a band I don't really care about anymore. But at the same time, most of the criticism towards them in this thread is obnoxiously knee-jerk and based on incredibly flimsy arguments from people who are picking apart anything that they can to support pre-conceived opinions of the band. I mean fuck, I'm one of the most close-minded and hyperbolic people on the board when it comes to music opinions but even I don't get some of the stuff in the thread. It's just that so few of the criticisms are about quality (and the few that exist, I haven't argued with-please notice that) but are instead based on these weird superficial assumptions about how the band works.
This I agree with entirely. I thought their descriptions of each album were ridiculous, but if you're a musician who writes tons of music, sometimes you just wanna release a lot of it. What else do the naysayers suggest? Don't write so much music? Keep the majority to themselves? And three albums in a year is a way better idea than a double disc. That way, people can choose if they just want one, two, or all three, rather than being forced to buy the whole package for a higher price. The Barenaked Ladies, System of a Down, and now Serj Tankian are three modern examples who've done (or in Serj's case, are doing) this. I think it's a cool idea if you've written that much material.

And the Offspring would never do this because they don't write enough material at least not enough material that they're proud of and think is worth releasing. Ever noticed how the last two Green Day albums have been over an hour long, while Splinter was barely over a half hour, and RFRG and DGB were less than 45 min? Green Day writes a lot more material in general - more than a lot of bands do. So it makes sense for them to want to release more.