I had all the deluxe versions on pre-order for the trilogy. I guess you could say I'm a fan. Anyways, it's hard to say which is my favorite, but I'll say ¡Uno! simply because it's the easiest listening all the way through. A very energetic album that never loses its steam. It's a very energetic album, reminiscent of their material from '94 to '97, but still dares to try something new, like "Kill the DJ," experimenting with dance-punk. All the singles were strong, right up to "Let Yourself Go," and there's still more memorable cuts to be found on the album ("Angel Blue" is a personal favorite).

The rest of the albums still have many killer cuts, but offers a more uneasy listening experience to those unfamiliar with the band. The rap-crossover track, "Night Life" on ¡Dos! is an example of this (though you cannot deny the killer bassline). ¡Tré! is a close second for me when it comes to albums, it has a grander feel to it, and brings the series to a satisfying conclusion. Some of my other favorites from the series are "Lazy Bones" from ¡Dos! and "Missing You" and "Dirty Rotten Bastards" from ¡Tré!

I saw them live on April Fool's Day, and it was a pretty kickass show. No surprises, and surprisingly they didn't perform many of the songs from the new trilogy, but they still put on a great show.

Also, is it too much to put a space between Green and Day?