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    Default Photo Album #3

    Might as well get this started ... continues from Photo Album #2

    So this is me ...

    __________________________________________________ _________________________

    1. Please stop quoting pictures. If you look in my reply above, I just removed the image part of the quote. When you quote pictures, it gets redundant and makes the thread way bigger than is necessary.

    2. Please do not have random outside conversations or just reply over and over and over in the fashion of...

    "hay u r cute lolol"
    "hayyy thx lololol"
    "wanna get married? lulzzz"
    "o m g ok lulzzz"
    "ok we can get married in london!"
    "yes! n the offspring will play!!! lol"
    "omg great idea what is ur fave song?!"

    etc. take it to PM, a social group, or make a new thread. Limit it to a short back and forth of 1-2 replies and be done with it.

    3. Please keep your pictures at a reasonable size. Try not to stretch the screen.

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