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Left 4 Dead, there is absolutely nothing to the game. You choose from 5 different weapons and you kill zombies... forever. No storyline, at all.
It's amazing. The most fun I've had playing a game since Psychonauts and Timesplitters. It's been a while since I've played it though since my friend convinced me to get Red Alert 3 so he and I can play online.
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Also, how important is it to buy the memory card? I'm assuming it's for saving online games and stuff.
You can't save anything for any game without a memory card, there's no internal hard drive on a PS2 and the games all come on cds. You'll need one for your PS2 games (which will probably last you a long time, they give you more than enough space) and, unfortunately, PS1 used a slightly different type of memory card, so you also need a PS1 memory card if you want to save stuff for PS1 games.