TL;DR warning *

My friend lent me Tekken 6 the other day, and as a former huge fan of the series (5 wasn't so hot, but everything up to then was great imo) I'm seriously fucking annoyed at the fact that they put in this retarded fucking "Scenario Campaign" mode, which if you've ever played Tekken, is a thinly veiled "Tekken Force" mode. I would be fine with the addition of the mode, even though the Tekken controls DO NOT WORK in this camera angle, and the graphics are visibly MUCH worse than during the regular arcade style fighting modes. I say I would be fine with the addition, because I could ignore it, usually.

You absolutely HAVE to play this mode the entire way through in order to be able to play the regular "Arena/story mode" with each of the characters, which you unlock by finishing levels in Scenario Campaign mode. What a shit load of fuck.

Oh, and when you do unlock a character for arena mode and go through their personal campaign, like the old school Tekken's, you literally get 4 fights in Arena mode before the character ending.

The controls in Tekken Force (ahem) are absolutely diabolical. The fixed camera is total bullshit. Tekken controls are designed so that you will always be facing to the left or right, and the D-pad in conjunction will allow you to do very specific button commands, for very specific combos. How in the name of fuck am I supposed to know which D-pad button to use, if I'm facing say, directly away from the camera? Or directly towards the camera? Bullshit.

You regularly get one hitted because of environmental hazards (I.E one punch knocks you into a body of water) and you have to start again because of no checkpoints. Each level is a lesson in complete mediocrity.

In Tekken Force this shit didn't work, but you could forgive it as a PS1 era experiment, in Tekken: Devil Within this shit didn't work, and you could forgive it as sloppy tacked on gaming modes there to flesh out the disk. This shit does NOT belong in the PS3 era.

Just give me fucking arcade mode with prologues and epilogues as the main story of the game, it always worked, and it always will. Unless you're changing it up the way Mortal Kombat did and actually put in a *good* campaign mode, in which you fight people in the regular arcade fashion. Oh, and you also still got the old fashioned arcade mode in which every character got to fight the usual tournament style 10 characters, with a prologue and epilogue.
So glad I didn't buy this. Avoid like plague, 0/10 just for absolute bullshit shenanigans.

If I was to rate the actual fighting mechanic in the extremely rare occasion when you actually get to play an arcade battle, the fighting is excellent, very Tekken trademark fighting, if that's what you're into it's great. There's a lot more of an emphasis on juggling your opponent, which can be really frustrating online, and very cheap with combo spammers, but if you're any good at the game you can avoid it, it's just frustrating as it gives any jackass that can memorise one combo the ability to play the game without getting hit, at all.

*TL;DR version : Do not buy this piece of shit, download an emulator and play Tekken 2, and Tekken 3.