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Thread: What video games are you playing? pt. 2

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    Borderlands 2, and having a fucking great time.

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    Just started playing the Titanfall Beta on PC. Holy ballsack this game is living up to the hype. I'm definitely going to get the full game on release day.
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    I don't have much time for games with work and school. Whenever I get the chance, I'll play the new pokemon or Guild Wars 2. Recently got back into playing Castlevania: Lords of Shadows, Mirror of Fate for the 3DS. Good game for those who enjoy old school castlevania (ie, games that came out before symphony of the night)

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    Sometimes I play in SC 2. I don't have any time for gaming anymore

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    I am playing sounter strike Hotels in manali
    Resident Evil 5

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    Turns out Dark Souls is slightly hard. Who knew. Pretty great game though. Manages to have a similar feel to old-school Resident Evil somehow. Which is awesome.

    Anyone excited about the new Borderlands game?

    We need another thread called "what video game soundtracks are you listening to". Today I have listened to the Black Flag soundtrack and now I'm starting Skyrim.
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