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Thread: What video games are you playing? pt. 2

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    Does anyone around here play Telltale games? Namely The Wolf Among Us and Walking Dead. They've been a pretty good experience in spite of the lack of gameplay (and T-Dogg) and stuff. Kinda like those oldschool interactive movies done right, engaging and interesting.
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    I think that games now - you have to wade through a lot of shit before you get something engaging. Most developers now, want the next cashcow - something to not install a thrill in our hearts, but bleed our wallets.

    Long live motherfucking sega.

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    Mega Man 5. What'd you expect?
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    I just want to say that I just beat the giant foetus of Chloe Kardashian, soon after defeating Al Gore and having a underwear-thief gnome squashed by my Mom's boob.

    I'm playing South Park : Stick of Truth.

    And it's great.

    Edit : Bighead, just read you were playing Zelda. What did you think of Phantom Hourglass ? I played both on DS and I thought Spirit Tracks was not as good as Phantom Hourglass... I love trains but the travel were way too long and not as interesting...
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    Been playing Skyrim. I got it a year after it came out, but I still didn't play past the first quest because I was still hung up on Oblivion. There were some details that I liked about Oblivion that were missing in Skyrim, so I didn't play it. I gave it a second try and man was I missing out.

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    I bought Skyrim on release and recently went back to it. Still awesome. Though dear lord the glitches.
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    Just beat crown level on super mario 3d world, after dying 2309484794587 times !!

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    I'm killing Nazis in Wolfenstein 2009.
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    I am a Playstation 3 player personally. Never cared for Xbox.

    Call of Duty Black Ops 1 and 2 are good.
    Ghosts and Advanced Warfare suck.
    I wish more people played Modern Warfare 2, every time I sign on there's hardly anybody online.

    Tomb Raider remake was good.
    Last Of Us was amazing, currently beating it again on hard mode.
    Still halfway through South Park: Stick of Truth.
    FarCry 3 was excellent, and I'm still working on the first part of part 4.
    Evil Within I think I am about halfway through, I'm kind of on the fence as to whether I love the game or not.
    Grand Theft Auto 5, I don't really play the missions I just like stealing cars and causing general mayhem.

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    This topic needs a revive, me thinks.

    There's a huge list of games since Jan 2015 that deserve to be mentioned, but I'll just fill in with some thoughts on a few that come to mind. They're all PC releases.

    The Witcher 3. This game is amazing. From the quests, to the exploration, and not forgetting the mini game GWENT, it basically shines on every aspect. The story is epic. The side quests are generally amazing and interesting, even the most apparently irrelevant and smallest ones. It never feels like that "filler" sort of content that plagues RPGs nowadays. Oh man, and I didn't even talk about the "wanted" quests, where you have to defeat a certain uber-powered monster, and have to prepare yourself by brewing potions, and study it, so that you can exploit its weak points. I can't recommend this game enough. Of course you should have a respectable machine to play this game.

    LEGO Marvel's Avengers. I've been a big fan of Traveller Tales' games since LEGO Star Wars. They're very competent developers, usually their releases have little to no updates at all, since they get it right at first try most of the times, leaving only a few very minor glitches to iron out. The campaign and bonus levels are good, but I kind of missed that special LEGO-themed level where you play on a giant lego board, and basically destroy every brick in your path. Not to mention the fact that, although the game as a shitload of content, most of it is recycled from one location to the other, ending up being a bit repetitive. Still, it's a great game. Just not so good as LEGO: LOTR or LEGO: Harry Potter, but way better than LEGO: Star Wars 3 or LEGO Batman: Beyond Gotham, in my humble opinion.

    Thief - The Dark Project. Oh, man, I played this about 15 years ago. Those were the days! I never had the chance to play the extra levels that came with Thief Gold Edition, and now that GOG has made a full updated and win10/8.1 etc compatible, I just thought I could give it a try. Last night I had some fun playing the first missions. It's incredible how an almost two decades old game still appeals to me!

    That's all for now. TL;DR - Just do yourself a favor and get The Witcher 3.

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