Okay goddamnit, here's the deal: I just put Last Bits, 8 (the re-recording) and At The Gates on my PSP for leisure-time listening. I've been meaning to sit down and listen to these, but I never really have a chance to do so --- when I'm driving I can't really hear that well (I drive with the windows down cuz my AC is broke), so it doesn't do much good to listen to songs if I don't have a rough idea of how they go already....and when I'm at home I'm usually just playing whatever in the background while I work on stuff (or I record, which means no music playing at all). But while I'm level-grinding on boring JRPGs, or being a manic insomniac and not sleeping, I almost always have my PSP on hand for easy listening. So I AM GOING TO FUCKING LISTEN TO ALL OF THESE ALBUMS, and then I'm going to give them the fair write-up that they deserve.

And you're gonna LIKE it, goddamnit!

Seriously, though, it's been too long. I have good memories of level grinding on Digital Devil Saga to the Ricetigers....you have no idea how many hours of shitty, repetitive jam-metal soundtrack you have saved me in the past. Here's to many more such hours in the future! *raises mug*

EDIT: What I mean to say is, you are one of those rare acts that has somehow managed to secure a place in the nostalgia of my burgeoning musical interest, back in the day. Congrats!

Also I have a fun story to tell about a certain song. But that can wait.