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I'm just glad we told that Romney asshole to shut the fuck up and go back to Massachusetts. I'm sick of his supporters --- down here it's almost entirely a race issue. Down here you're either a "Lib-ruhl" voting for "OBAAAAMA" or you're a "good ol' boy" and you're "not lettin' that nigger back in the whaaaht house." Nice to have something to rub in those assholes' faces.

I hate living in the south sometimes.
Just sometimes? :P

My nephew (whom I'm not friends with on FB because he's an asshole in every way - he's 20, didn't finish high school, and has a two-year-old son) commented on his mom's status regarding the election: "Stupid nig! Its gonna be another shit 4 years. Unless he's the reason for world ending in 2012."

This is literally the only offensive, ignorant bullshit I've seen today about the election. I have friends who voted Republican, but of my like 400 friends, it's only like 10 people max who've posted about it - and every single one of them has been completely rational and mature about it. My nephew just legit pissed me off, though, and I can't imagine living somewhere that's full of people like him :-/ Fortunately, a couple people have already stepped up and called him out - apologizing to his mom ahead of time for what they say. He got called a "poor, uneducated teen parent" which is true and already has a million likes from his mom's friends. Good company.