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Thread: Your 2009 anticipation list

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    The John Butler Trio new album
    The Slash and friends album
    Iron Maiden album.

    Can't be bothered checking for title names, but I think Slash' solo album is just gunna be titled Slash and Friends.
    I did it all for the lulz.
    Quote Originally Posted by bighead384 View Post
    I don't think I'm like this anymore, though many on this forum might think otherwise.
    As I've grown up some. back in the day. I even use myself as an example. reflected on things that happened in the past. I have a better understanding of things now. At least I can admit it now. I have somehow caused this situation by mentioning how I used to act on here. how I've changed. I'm a relatively normal poster now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Outerspaceman21 View Post
    The next Mighty Mighty Bosstones
    You continue to impress me. Congratulations.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Gabel
    Adrenaline carried one last thought to fruition.
    Let this be the end.
    Let this be the last song.
    Let this be the end.
    Let all be forgiven.

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