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Thread: Cast your vote for the BBS Awards 2008!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by _Lost_ View Post
    most productive members:
    3rd - cool 2 hate 681
    2nd - little_miss_1565
    1st - _Lost_ (wtf?)

    funniest member:
    3rd - ZagmenO
    2nd - endymion & JohnnyNemesis
    1st - RonWelty & Rutegard

    politics devil's advocate:
    3rd - mota boy
    2nd - wheelchairman
    1st - jesus

    best thread:
    3rd - Berlin media and discussion thread
    ........Just wondering... sell outs!
    ........Horny Pope!!!! POSTCOUNT++++ HERE
    2nd - The music sharing thread
    1st - man fucked to death by horse

    most dissapointing reduction in posts:
    3rd - not ozymandias, killer queen, Bazza, HornyPope
    2nd - mota boy & Andy
    1st - Camilamazed

    Most Improved:

    Best Posts:
    Mota Boy & Free?

    best new member:
    3rd - randman21
    2nd - IamSam
    1st - _Lost_, dff_punk, Free?

    favorite members:
    Randman21, _Lost_, Tijs

    Posters best able to write rants that are interesting:
    Mota boy

    Most disappointing decrease of thoughtful posts:

    Most disappointing decrease in general:
    Paint it black

    biggest asshole:

    Best new band

    Coolest Forum Collaboration
    RAFRAG covered by us

    BBS on MSN Award:
    3rd - ilovellamas
    2nd - darea
    1st - _Lost_

    Heelarious, but So Mother Fucking Annoying Award:

    Most Missed Member, Despite Hating His Guts When He Was Here:
    Sin Studly


    3rd Place Prize: A Stinky Fish

    2nd Place Prize: A Shovel

    1st Place Prize: A Gold-Plated Keyboard
    I don't agree with this results. They are rigged by _lost_. I hope you didn't add my vote for dff_punk.

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    I love how my asshole status lives on, and that people actually think my decline in posts is disappointing. I shall have to start posting again.

    ....Or keep posting only every now and again, so that I might finish higher next year. That's a plan.

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    Camilamazed Guest


    I am always too late. I've just seen I got 1st place in most disappointing reduction ins posts.. I am amazed..

    Thank you guys..


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