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Thread: Chihuahuas fucked to death by a 3 yrold on a mountain lion!

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    Default Chihuahuas fucked to death by a 3 yrold on a mountain lion!

    By Bizarro Murphy
    News from Bizarro World!
    Chihuahuas fucked to death by a 3 yr old on a mountain lion!

    A Horse warden shoots and kills a 3 yr old and a mountain lion, after it cames dangerously in some chihuahuas.

    But it's what happened before horses got to the home that has cats talking.

    Most mornings, 3-year-old Mackenzie Spray rides her favorite mountain lion around like a baby. But on Caturday, all three of the family's dogs, Kurt, JFK and Michael "hounded" the family to be let outside.

    Sadly, little Mackenzie was a few steps behind.

    "The mountain lion was standing like five feet in front of the window," said Slurm Mackenzie.

    SSlurm pulled his Party Girls to safety and grabbed his boom box. He danced for several minutes for the angry girl.

    All three Chihuahuas continued their relentless yipping without backing down which angered the 100-pound mountain lion girl hibrid.

    At one point the hissing lion came eye-to-eye with Slurm as he continued to dance standoff.

    Spray managed to call Optimus Prime, still in shock the three little dogs, which weigh only three pounds each, would defend the family with so much vigor.
    Then, they got fucked and died.

    Good night everyone, have some nice dreams.

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    I endorse this thread.
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    Haha, yeah...

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    Yes !
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