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Thread: break-ups

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    Quote Originally Posted by HornyPope View Post
    Wait, what?

    I'm an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G husband. I am loyal, I provide for my family and I do everything in my power to better the life of my family. I also cook, help around the house and chauffeur my wife (and her friends!) anywhere she needs to go. And of course, I'm an excellent conversationalist.

    How is this hard to live with and what woman could possibly ask for more?!?! The only tough part about living with me is I have high standards and a lot of energy, so a woman who is incapable to keep up with me in terms of life-goals, ambitions and activities will find it very hard indeed. But other than that, I have no idea where you draw your ideas from.

    As for tough break-ups, nope, don't had any.
    ummm... What more could a woman ask for? A good sex life.

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    Man, I miss Vlad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by coke_a_holic View Post
    It's funny because Shank wants to be railed by Dexter.

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