Are you motivated? Inspired? Excited to contribute something to society? No matter what your answer is, what in life made you feel that way?

I've realized lately that I am not any of those things. Maybe I'm just lazy, but I think my bad experiences with people have really turned me off from wanting to do anything that could be considered an achievement or a contribution to society. I'm doing what I can to start a career and I have a set of morals that I try my best to follow, but that's the extent of my ambition and conviction. I can motivate myself to not be part of the problem, but I couldn't care less if I'm part of the solution. As far as creation and expression go, I can't seem to garner enough inspiration for either of those things. No matter how much I love and respect artists, and especially songwriters, I feel like that is something I could never do. I'm too uninspired for that, not to mention that there's also a lot of bullshit involved in that kind of "success".

But that's just me...I'm curious about what other people have to say in response to my questions.