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    i know most people wonīt know this band,but i really suggest you guys to check this,itīs really a great band,itīs lead singer is manu chao,some people now him around here,i know it,ok,iīll give you the link for their song "mala vida":
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    Im goin to bed good night and a special shoutout 2 renato 4 being my role model and my sweet dear lover that iīll go dream about
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    What kind of idiot wouldn't love you renato?I wouldn't let you hurt ren!It's not his fault if he's too sexy for his own good!
    & ren,stop doing her girlfran!Bad boy!No blowjob for you,aww,you're too adorable.I'll blow you anyway
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    Lots of things are impossible,until they happen
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    Renatoīs awsome
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    he is!

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    I know this band
    The Portuguese Chapter:

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    Of course I know Mano Negra, maybe one of the rare good French bands. Even though they're mostly singing in Spanish. I used to have one of their albums, except it wasn't mine. They're good! But I do have Manu Chao's "clandestino" album. Good but I haven't listened to it for a while.

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    I know who both Manu Negra and Manu Chao are. They are familiar to some poeple in Norway.
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    I've loved to smoke weed while listening to Manu Chao. God, I cannot forget how stoned he looks in each and every video...

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