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Thread: Does anyone know if they change sets..?

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    Default Does anyone know if they change sets..?

    I am planning on seeing them play 4 times on the east coast for the SIFU tour, and am wondering if anyone has seen them multiple times in the past. If you have, did they switch their set list up?

    I'm really hoping they do, would love to see some ignition / self titled stuff (not gonna happen) but would still be happy about Americana / Smash / Ix.

    Let me know if you have experience seeing them multiple times in a row! Thanks!

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    Default yes

    Yes, all bands except ones playing re-union tours generally change sets. I have seen The Offspring a few times in the past and it has never been the same set list, however the shows were spaced out.
    Usually they play 5-8 of there greatest hit songs with a few other ones thrown in there.
    The chance of ignition/self titled being on the set list is slim considering the magnitude of there fame after RFRG.

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    That's all the encouragement I need. Has this album really been that popular? I haven't really been keeping up with it..

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