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Thread: The Ultimate Offspring Concert Experience

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    Lightbulb The Ultimate Offspring Concert Experience

    Not to be confused with that 3D Jonas Brothers crap.
    Hopefully Dexter will read this thread and get some new ideas out of it.

    If you could manage the ultimate offspring concert, what would it be like? Not just your dream setlist, but everything that would be involved with the event.

    For me, it would start with everything dark in a huge stadium. Then the lights would flash on a giant offspring CO1 skull in the background, and the band would run out and break into Come Out Swinging (amazing opening song IMO).
    Then the setlist would proceed as follows.
    2. Half Truism
    3. Cant Repeat
    4. Bad Habit
    5. Staring at the Sun
    6. Come out and Play

    Then Dexter would disappear from stage while Noodles entertained the crowd with solos and showed off his guitar skills. Dexter would then fly in from overhead on a hang glider, thus beginning Why Dont You Get A Job?, which the crowd would sing along with.

    8. Stuff is Messed Up
    9. YGGFK
    10. Hammerhead
    11. Blackball
    12. Dirty Magic
    13. The End Of the Line
    14. Change the World
    15. Mota
    --Intermission, and it damn well better have the fat guy--
    16. All I Want
    17. Kick him When hes Down
    18. Americana
    19. Gotta Get Away
    20. Gone Away
    21. Self Esteem
    22. Out on Patrol
    23. Trust In You

    The band would then begin to play Pretty Fly, but then Noodles would intervene, saying, "Oh wait, nobody wants to hear that."
    Then Dexter agrees and they play The Kids Arent Alright instead.

    The concert appears to be over, and the band starts to walk away, but at the last second Dex turns around and says "Wait, I think we forgot something." At this time, the band starts playing Lightning Rod and the crowd just goes absolutely nuts.
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