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Thread: Ask Noodles a Question

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    First of all, your drawing is great, neat, seriously I like it a lot, even if you don't care, Silver. Now, my questions.
    - When you pull off your glasses Noodles, do you perceive people as monsters, things are really vague or it's not that bad? If it's that bad, does it kind of fun?
    - Do you have any favorite movie? Or movies? Or book? Anything worth recommendation?
    By the way, is that story with "how fast can your dad run the 100 yard dash?" true? On website with that interview there is no info even about who is asking the questions...

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    Hey Noodles! Did you ever tery Triple Konnig (or ck)? It's thje beer. If you did, how much of that stuff tdoes it take to make you type like tghsis? I'll telll you my number only if you tell me yours fistr, that;'s a promise.!
    Before you speak think about what you're trying to say.
    Who else is there to blame for miscommunication?

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    Since it's already been a month (give or take) I was just wondering what odds on a new podcast are ...

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    Exclamation After All These Years....

    I've been listening to the Offspring since I can remember. One of my all time favorite bands and one of my biggest influences. I used to have the biggest crush on Dexter Holland and I believed we were soul mates because we were born on the same day and only 20 years apart (ha ha!). But seriously, I know you guys to be fairly political and I was wondering what you think of what is going on here in America?

    I'm as active as I can be. Some of my fellow students and I formed an organization called TASK (Take Action Spread Knowledge) and we're doing everything to better inform the public of the controversial issues that are eliminating democracy. You guys have a big name... I think the people need your help. Our country is at a major turning point and... Well, you know. I guess if I were you guys... I'd help encourage people to get more active too and save democracy: free choice... All that jazz.

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    Hey I got a question!

    Remember a few years back when you guys came to St. Louis and i waved to you from my distant-but-fair lawn seat and you looked right at me and mouthed me your cell number? Then I called you up and we shared a some laughs over a few suds and then you wanted to go to a hotel to start a sick hotel party. And then you suggested something like the Hampton off of 55 but i thought we should maybe go somewhere a little classier. Then you said that we were filling up the bathtub with ice and cold ones and that it wouldnt be classy anyway. So i agreed and we pulled into a local Shop-n-Save and you distracted the cashier while i snuch out a few 30s. (just like the good old days!) So we went back to the hotel and we called over a few ladies and had a great time! then in the morning when we woke up the cleaning lady (Claria was her name i think) was all mad at us so we tipped her like 20 bucks or something. Then we went to Waffle House and you had the double waffle and i had the bacon egg and cheese sandwich. So you left after that and you said that you had to go to your next tour destination (I think it was KC) Anyway, I digress. My question is... how do you keep the atmosphere light while youre on tour? Pranks? Beers? Talking to family? Inquiring minds want to know!

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    What's your favourite Jim Carrey movie?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dwayne Mosley View Post
    What's your favourite Jim Carrey movie?
    It's I Love You Phillip Morris.

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    I was actually asking "Noodles"

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    I'm Noodles. Ask me something.
    I like surfing. Kids used to believe.;(
    Yes, I am the dark.
    And I am the patience.
    I am the illusion chasing you around and round and round…

    blah blah blah blah, nobody's going to read this anyway. I hope so.
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    Default Noodles:

    On the Politics section, you speak your mind and debate, so methiks you oughta be runnin' for Prez or Mayor or better yet Government.

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