offspring + vegas + palm casino/pearl = wow.

sound was perfect, energy was off the scale. we were in the pit with a mexican wrestling mask then wore it at the tables and won big at the playboy club upstairs. the floor of the pit was slick and people were dropping left and right...crazy.

it would be really hard to improve on this perfection. only thing I missed was the mylar confetti cannons from the l.a. show a few years back....(it rained sliver slivers for 30min as they recirculated in the if the sound and light guys are taking requests....please do that again (and again.)) would also love to see mota and defy you in the playlist but what they did was unreal.

I'll post some video later on youtube...keywords offspring/vegas/nacholibre. heading back to phx monday for more of the same monday. grab a mask and get the hell out there if you're going.