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Thread: Behind the Music the sucks: The Offspring

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimesy da Offspringfan View Post
    Jacknife's comment was epic
    Quote Originally Posted by IamSam View Post
    I agree.

    Kudos Jacknife!
    Thanks guys!

    But yeah, that video was painfully unfunny.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Gabel
    Adrenaline carried one last thought to fruition.
    Let this be the end.
    Let this be the last song.
    Let this be the end.
    Let all be forgiven.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bouncingcoles View Post
    i admit its amusing seeing all the ass kissers on these boards and youtube freaking out about this dumb ass video. some people have to take a joke
    Hardly anyone is offended as an Offspring fan. We're offended as human beings who watched that garbage.

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    Yeah, if they had put some thought into it, I can laugh at a good burn.

    That was incoherent retardation that was trying to hard to come off as witty when there wasn't one iota of wit in it. It sucked in the "I think I just lost a fuckton of brain cells" sense, rather than them bashing the Offspring.
    "When I'm walking a dark road, I am a man who walks... Alone."
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    Notice how that loser jackass doesn't mention what bands he actually likes? Probably too scared to admit it.

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