Kyuss Lives! (Budapest, 20.3.2011). Me and one of my buddies went there, it was a great trip, lots of fun stuff happened

Anyway, their setlist was awesome, and it was fucking long, the gig lasted for nearly 2 hours, and they absolutely ruled. Everyone was in top form, so any Kyuss fans here that are considering seeing this new (Josh-less) lineup, just fucking do it and go see them, it's totally worth it.

I also found out a new band that i'm now quickly becoming a fan of - Waxy (they are one of the supporting acts for Kyuss Lives! European tour). A great stoner rock band, from the same town as Kyuss i believe, and John Garcia is one of the guest vocalists on their new album (released this year; he had colaborated with them before, they're good friends, check out this song: I'd reccommend them, if you're a QOTSA and Kyuss fan then you might dig their music too. Some of their stuff really reminds me of early QOTSA (up to Songs for the Deaf), which is by no means a bad thing, but they don't sound like a copycat band, they have their own sound.