The Offspring are my favorite modern band. Over the years I have seen them five times live, in concert. Not only do I love their sound, but I graduated from USC, so I share that commonality with Dexter. It's very cool that the SC marching band actually plays a number of Offspring songs. A few years ago, on the same date SC played Syracuse in football at the Jersey Meadowlands, I saw the Offspring that night at the Sands casino. What a double header! Earlier at the game I talked to the SC Band Director Dr. Art Bartner about the band and seeing them that night in Pennsylvania. This past Friday night I attended my fifth Offspring show at the Fillmore in DC. It was my wife's first live exposure to The Offspring, and she loved it. Another sensational performance!
In any event, for years I have hoped to hear a number of Offspring tunes that apparently the band plays in only the most far flung outreaches. I get it that at the more intimate settings the band induces the crowd to be high energy and raucous. Consequently, they play the tunes that will engender that type of response. All that said, I would still love to hear Original Prankster, Hit That, and Stuff is Messed Up. Heck, I would enjoy hearing Defy You or even Nothingtown. At this point I doubt that will ever happen. I suppose I should book a flight for Mexico City to hear Hit That and Original Prankster. (Although I did see where the band played Hit That last night in Chester, PA. Again I was a day late and a dollar short. Or perhaps in this case, a day early and fifty cents short).
I hope to attend more Offspring shows in the future. I just wish the band would dig a bit deeper into their repertoire, and play a greater variety of their music. All the best on the current tour. The Offspring rock the house!