I honestly don't understand why people were expecting it to sound like something from 1999. AVA, +44, BCR, etc. were all in that mix as well as the Untitled album. It's called progression. I remember quite a few people getting pissy on here at people getting angry at Offspring fans over 'wanting another ignition.'

Honestly, I don't hear a lot of AVA. I hear more BCR as a Tom influence. Yes, Tom's lyrics suck and his vowels are annoying, that's a given. To me the album is more if you squashed +44, BCR, and sprinkled some AVA on it. Don't forget that there were synths on +44's album as well.

Some of the songs are drags, and that's a given on any album. (I've only come across maybe 2 complete albums in my library that I can listen to every single song.)

I just think people had weird fucking expectations from 3 guys who haven't put a record out in years while growing more into different styles and maturing in their own ways.

I like it, and it appears on this board I'm the minority.

Hearts All Gone
Fighting the Gravity
MH 4.18.2011
Snake Charmer

This is Home
Wishing Well
Even if She Falls

Honorable mention: