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Thread: In which Thunder posts about his music stuff

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    We interrupt your daily dose of spam for the Thunderous Thunder Show!

    While I'm working on my new album and want to release it this year, I've been totally inspirationless as far as lyrics go. So instead, I've been doing a lot of covers and remixes. One of my ongoing project is to do a bunch of remixes of the famous Doctor Who theme. I don't know what it is about that theme, but it's remixable as all hell. The show itself has had like 7 versions and that's not even counting all the official remixes, the versions used on the audio plays, etc. etc.
    So here's a few versions I made!
    ^ This one is a polished up version of my first attempt. A lot of oldschool DW fans rant on and on about the atmospheric feeling and the bassline, so I tried to accentuate that here. It's not my personal favourite though, because...
    ^ I've always been a fan of bombastic stuff (unlike every single other person who rants about the Doctor Who theme), so I didn't mind the version from the 1996 movie *that* much. It had some cool elements in it and some stuff that should've been different, so here's my take on it.
    ^ My most recent attempt. It started off as a more creepy take on it, but then I stumbled upon those arpeggios and went with that. Now it sounds pretty 80s.
    My new album "Carnival of Monsters" is out now! Go listen to it and post in the thread!

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    Default A small review

    Change: Hmm... Reminds me the tiniest bit like Depeche Mode. Liked that solo at around 1:47-ish.
    Within: this is better. More lively, and that's a beastly bassline. Your voice sounds good here.
    Bound for Glory: good use of guitar here. "Let it gooooooooo!" is just plain cool there. Nice frantic bridge. Cool ending.
    Pinball: I didn't care much for it. I wouldn't skip it but it was very loungy to me. The lyrics were it the best part.
    Generation of Hate: wow. This had some interesting lyrics. Good songwriting tricks and devices here. The instrumental parts were good as well.
    Dazzle: it sounded a bit overdone on effects. The chorus didn't do it for me, but the synth was rich. Good bridge.
    Alright Again: this started like a punk song, but then switched to a rap. That was kinda cool. Good transition between chorus and verse. I would've liked to know what you were saying in the chorus, but it was too fast.
    World: Well, it was pretty good. Nothing was amazing, but nothing sucked either. Fairly decent.
    Deviance: strong intro. Cool beat too. And cool chorus. I guess that equals a good track, and it is just that.
    Fantasy:Good mystical intro. I thought the words could've been backed better.
    I'll listen to the others tomorrow.
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