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Thread: Offspring and Team Gurren

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    Default Offspring and Team Gurren

    I know, I know, gay animu thread or whatever. But I was reading this series called Gurren Lagann and I couldn't help but notice the similarity between Team Gurren's emblem and The Offspring's logo:

    Gurren Lagann is, of course, much more recent than The Offspring. And it's a popular concept in a lot of animus to have obscure punk band references (I was watching one the other day where a girl had on a Ramones shirt, and there was a Sex Pistols poster on the wall during the credits....also, there was one I read recently where a girl had a "Sax Pascals" hat on ). An homage to our resident band, perhaps? Or a complete and utter coincidence? Hot on the heels of that song RageandLov posted before (the One Fine Day soundalike), I'm inclined to believe either is possible.

    In any case, sorry if this is old; I didn't see any topics about it when I searched. I just figured you guys would be able to appreciate this
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    Somebody brought this up a while back.... can't remember who nor when. But yeah, there is a similarity.
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    This is a perfect example of how "artist X/The Offspring 's work is similar to The Offspring/artist X 's one" threads should be started. Easy, positive, no hard feelings involved. An example not to pass by, young ones.

    That being said, OMFG THEY TOTALLY RIPPED OFF!!!
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    It semmes they have no imagination..

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