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Thread: Review: The Offspring (1989)

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    ...not much musicianship? Dude, this record has got the most solos and guitar fills among all Offspring records. Those were the times Noodles was not hesitating to put it all up there. I mean, of course they did learn to play better on the following records, but reduced the number of guitar solos for the sake of catchyness. Still not saying it is a genuinely bad thing.
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    Burn it up because you do not call ignition ............ Because ignition is born green and then ripens and becomes burn it up, which is yellow, then darkens and becomes a song that has yet to be published and will appear in a collection of b-sides and brown nell'accezione this song is a song from the session discarded of ignition.

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    I agree and still wonder, why don't they do more ambitious solos...
    Especially on Splinter album.

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