I don't know if anybody else here likes to compose / needs help with their lyrics. I know I do so I thought I'd post mine right here.

1. This is going to be on the BBS tape (I hope)... spoiler alert! lol
2. I'm not a native English speaker so I probably made a lot of mistakes
3. CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM VERY WELCOME - but please don't call my lyrics shit unless you give a reason. Also, trying to be nice - very not welcome If you don't like something about the lyrics, just tell me, I'm not that kind of guy who'd feel offended by that.

Alright this is a song called Turn away (no, I did not copy Come out swinging lol!). It's more of a NOFX-style song than an Offspring-style song so it doesn't really have verses, or a chorus.

I actually think I tried too hard with this one... way to many metaphors and shit going on right here. But yesterday I was very angry, I couldn't get stuff out of my head so I decided to spill it on paper.

Enough crap. Here come the lyrics (of course, not final):

Turn away

Once gotten in there it won’t get out
This one thing that’ll keep roaming around in your mind
Late at night yet clear as at day
You wish you could, wish you could just turn away

When there’s just water under the bridge
When the demons of the past are starting to itch
Shattered horizons, constant perplexities
Forgetting being the greatest amenity

Trapped in a vicious circle
I tied a knot I can’t undo
Reckless deeds in a battle
It’s all just doom and gloom

As deep as a lake full of calamities
Preserving all unwanted memories
I must’ve taken a dive into that water
Blissfully like a lamb to the slaughter

Pull the trigger full of change
With the hopes rearranged
Still with smile hiding pain
Still just wishing to turn away

I believe one day I’ll drop the chains
The day of efforts not going in vain
I believe that day, I believe that day
I... I will turn away!