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    Have you ever been introduced to a group of people that are just so ridiculously set in their ways as far as social interactions go? It's almost like things happen on cue and you have no room to speak. And then even if you try and force in a comment, most of them or all of them ignore you. You don't sense even the slightest bit of inclusiveness.

    I truly don't get it. Do people feel like they have something with their freinds that makes them feel good, and they become so attached to it that they're scared that mere possibility of someone else joining in could somehow ruin it? I can't stand the monotony of the same people every night. So when new people are introduced, I'm natrually intrested (unless I get a bad vibe), and I go out of my way to be inclusive. To some extent, it's possible that it's just a personality trait (being more inclusive or exclusive to a new guest). But then you get to a certain point and damn...I just think it's fucking creepy.

    This is just something that annoys me and I feel like complaining about, because it happened to me tonight and plenty of other occasions...
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