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Thread: Vinyl records

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    Quote Originally Posted by Omni View Post
    Thank you, RageAndLov and ilovellamas, for completely destroying my wholesome, Spin the Black Circle topic.

    So vinyl is linked to old rock to me.

    That is mostly because I puchase them on second hand and flea markets. I'm starting to have a little collection... It's basically stuff like Queen, Police, Eagles, Led Zeppelin, Simon & Garfunkel, Pink Floyd...
    I always check that they don't have scratches and then I got them for no more than 2 .

    I like vinyls bu not really because of the sound or anything... I mean, it's great I'm sure but my equipment is not so I don't really see any difference from a CD... more round maybe... I just think they're cool.

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    I'm trying to be as many new and re-issues of vinyl as I can. I don't really like buying anything second hand, it's just this thing I have. I think I also like collecting them because I don't really know anyone else in their early 20s who does it. Obviously, plenty of people do, but no one I really spend time around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Little_Miss_1565 View Post
    Uhh...what? I did try to explain the difference. And he tried to negate it with what he thought it should be. Like Rageandlov is doing here.
    That was exactly my point. You expressed confusion about the fact that I was trying to explain the meanings to him. My point was that it's normal to do so, and I assumed (correctly) that you did the same.

    Anyway, it sucks that this whole thing got derailed. Rageandlov, keep your semantics thoughts to yourself and I won't try to explain them :P I really have nothing more to say about records, though. I don't own any, probably never will, but I think they're pretty great.
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