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Thread: Shooting at University of Alabama-Huntsville

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    Default Shooting at University of Alabama-Huntsville

    It's Hammerhead all over again. It's pathetic how much this happens.

    3 people dead.
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    I was just watching this on the news.
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    What do people think they can accomplish by killing others in such a setting? Attention? Notoriety? Pathetic and sad... My heart goes out to the victims and their families.

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    You guys seem to be acting like this is just another school shooting.

    This was a teacher. And a female teacher at that. Makes this pretty unique really.

    But shit, I would've thought a biology teacher could have got a better body count. Chest and head bitch, chest and head.
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    Yeah I read it today n that "teacher" looked like a total psycho in the pic!!!
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