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Thread: Songs on the greatest hits album

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    Default Songs on the greatest hits album

    In your opinion, what songs do you think should be on the greatest hits album?
    Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.

    Chances thrown
    Nothing‘s free
    Longing for what used to be
    Still it‘s hard
    Hard to see
    Fragile lives, shattered dreams

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    Well you know the singles will be on it, like always (hopefully that's not it). Though a lot of the singles deserve it, some don't, I'll just include those and branch off of that.

    (In no particular order)
    1. All I want
    2. Come Out and Play
    3. Million Miles Away
    4. Gone Away
    5. Why Don't You Get A Job
    6. Gotta Get Away
    7. Hit That
    8. I Choose
    9. Want You Bad
    10. Original Prankster
    11. Meaning Of Life
    12. The Kids Aren't Alright
    13. Self Esteem
    14. She's Got Issues
    15. Pretty Fly (for a white guy)
    16. Can't Get My Head (around you)
    17. *third single from Splinter*

    Damn, that's a long cd just off the singles to be totally honest.. ok, the rest.

    18. Jennifer Lost The War
    19. Beheaded
    20. Burn It Up
    21. L.A.P.D.
    22. Defy You

    Ok, yeah... they have a lot of material to cover, it may just be the singles which would suck really.

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    I hope it aint like Green Day's International Superhits which SUCKED!!!!!!!!! Fuckin shame on Green Day god dammit. Anyways, I think it should be more like... Pink Floyd's Echoes which was a completely totally sweet ass album. Because they chose carefully which songs were to be on them, good artwork and they put in a lot of effort, plus they didnt choose their singles, or the songs that the mainstream would like, they chose very fuckin old stuff and i thought that was a good Best Of album. I actually listen to that album a lot.

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    well there's gonna be all their singles for sure... all the bands doing greatest hits actualy only put their singles and 2 or 3 new songs... I just hope they're gonna put Bad Habit
    and the remake of dirty magic is such a great idead!!!

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    I think this should be it.
    1.Come out and play
    2.Self esteem
    3.Bad habit
    4.Gotta get away
    5.All I want
    6.I choose
    7.The meaning of Life
    8.Gone away
    9.Pretty fly
    10.Kids aren't alright
    11.Shes got issues
    12.Why don't you get a job
    13.Original Prankster
    14.Want you bad
    15.Hit that
    16.Can't get my head around you
    17.No hero
    18.Dirty magic
    19.Jennifer lost the war
    There is all the singles(I think) and the ones off the first two that should be included.

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    1. Original Pranksta'
    2. pretty fly for a white guy
    3.walla walla
    4.hit that
    5.bad habits

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    Default Some cool songs

    here we go.....

    americana (definately), walla walla, the kids aren't alright, staring at hte sun, want you bad, vultures, million miles away, can't get my head around you, hit that,worst hangover ever, All i want, i choose(must have), meaning of life, Self esteem, come out and play, bad habbit, beheaded, dont forget some newies and some funnies too.

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