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Thread: The flaming skull

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    Question The flaming skull

    I'm having a difficult time chosing between a couple of different skull pics. that I have and would like to see more for my tattoo. So if any of you have any, either custom or originals from somewhere, could you post them for me? Thanks a bunch!

    I'm leaning towards the CO1 one.... but I'm still not 100% certain yet. Colours are more of my difficulty. Keep in mind it's JUST the skull with the circle around it and no writing, thanks.

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    I like the colors of the CO1... I also like this...

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    i like the CO1 skull. i have that one on my back. same size and colors cost me $100 plus a tip.

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    Not sure if you were saying you wanted color or not but this is the one I'm scheduled to get

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    plus a tip.
    Is this common practice?

    Terri, you should talk to the tattoo artist about the colours that would best suit your skin tone, especially yellow, because it doesn't work for everyone. From what I can see, you have fair skin and bold colours would probably suit you better.
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    Here grab the PSD file that i made for offspringbootlegs when i was designing the site.

    Download Skull Logo PSD (open in Photoshop)

    Or grab the PNG files here:

    But since you need it for tattoo i suggest you to use this one. If you have white skin, don't use colors for tattoo.

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