Ok, I originally posted this on the "your band" section, but no one's helping at all, so I figured I should post it here to get more feedback... anyways, here it it is:

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Hey, I'm making an Offspring cover band, Ive been an Offspring fan for 10 years now, and I know plenty of their songs (in every instrument, hehe), we've rehearsed for 4 times now, but I'm not sure about the setlist, the band's purpose is to play in a local bar/rock concert hall, like Hard Rock Live, so I included almost every single and a couple B sides that the fans would enjoy but I'm not so sure the regular audience will. Ok, here's the current setlist:

Original Prankster
Want you bad
All I want
She's got issues
Pretty Fly
Kids aren't alright
Come out and play
Spare me the details**
Gone Away
Self Esteem
Stuff is messed up**
Why don't you get a job?

I'm thinking about these too:

You're gonna go far kid
Kristy are you doing ok?**
Hit that
Can't get my head around you
Can't repeat**
Bad Habit**
Trust in you

The ones with ** are songs my band doesn't think we should play at all (if it was for me, we would play all of 'em, but I think that an over an hour setlist would annoy the audience). Well, now I would appreciate if you guys help me out making up my mind with your suggestions, points of view and stuff. Thank you!