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Thread: BBS Podcast Episode 4

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    Default BBS Podcast Episode 4

    Hey, we finally made it!

    BBS Podcast Episode 4
    Right Click > Save As | Click to stream it

    For our fourth episode, we discuss the world of The Offspring, Greg K along with something big, losing virginity to dogs (and horses), we make Adrian feel horrible about one slip of the tongue, and Carson finally snaps. The most important part, however, is that this is all accompanied by a smooth, deep, guest voice.

    Songs Featured
    Hopeless - Manic Subsidal (Offspring)
    Myopia - Utopia Now
    One Way Out - The SRI's

    Homer (Carson)
    Gustavo (Gus)
    ad8 (Adrian)
    Blitz! (Marika)

    Special Guest

    Utopia Now

    Opinions? Criticisms? Do you want Carson to die? Let us know!

    I lost the intro recordings so I made my best efforts to do impressions of everyone. It's as if I didn't lose a thing!
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    Uh, Carson... what were you doing in the beginning?

    Anyway, SORRY to all the Canadians and Californian people...

    And to all those who want to see Carson filming while driving:
    (Carson is probably going to kill me for posting this)

    Also, sorry for screwing up the Your Band section

    (but at least you're able to listen to a real german english accent!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by SċS View Post
    Then we got 1000+ views on our myspace, that was our biggest achievement
    Quote Originally Posted by RexDarr View Post
    Our goal is to find a drummer & rythm guitarist, record a 5 song demo, get on the radio,

    The Ricetigers

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    For those of you that don't know, the "No Way Out" song from The SRI's (Formerly known as The Fisticuffs) was exclusively released on this podcast! :] And it's pure awesomeness, much luv 2 Randy 4 doin' dis 4 us! <3 Ty, d00d.

    What the hell did you do in the beginning, Carson? :P

    Oh My God, my voice sounds horrible. I do sound like T Pain, geez.

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    Heh, yeah. I still say it was more like Stephen Hawking.

    BTW, I screwed up the ID3 tag on the song. It's actually called "One Way Out".
    My myoosik:

    The SRIs: (Thread)(Soundcloud)
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    Aww, I'm a bit disappointed, cause I actually finished an entirely new song (read: finished, not in demo form) in 3 days and had it up on my Facebook page, but NO ONE CHECKS THAT OMG , and my myspace was being a bitch when I finished the song, it wouldn't let me go to my edit page to upload it.

    It's up now though, check it out, it's called Castaways

    Now to finish the podcast and then edit this post when I'm done.
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    I loved this podcast! I think it was the best one so far! And not because I was mentioned or because Randy was in it... or not just that... I think you ALL hilarious! And it was really fun listening to. Compared to the other podcasts, this one didn't seem as long, and it does get kinda sad when it reaches the end...

    You all seem like a fun team. And hey to you too! lol I wish Randy would participate in one again. He didn't seem to talk that much but hey... he'd spent all weekend recording One way Out, and he'd sacrificed his sleep to finish the song for you! So he's got a good excuse for not quite knowing what to say and I think he wanted to say more but didn't think about it at the time.

    And Carson... I love canada! lol well not that I've been there, but I have a lot of friends from Toronto, some that I've known since I was a baby! (as they came over to France every 2 or 3 years and were at school with me. Don't know if you ever heard of James Laxer? He's kinda famous, as a university teacher and has written stuff about politics... boring And I knew Matt Cohen, he was/is a famous writer, he died some years ago... he was a good friend of my dad's, they made a park in his name in Toronto (we got invited to go to the inauguration but we couldn't afford to, and it was a too short notice) but they did a book in which people wrote about him, and my dad wrote a story in it...
    And they did a movie from one of his books recently... called Emotional Arithmetic with Susan Surandon...

    I'd nearly be tempted to do a podcast with you, but nah, it would be too much fuss setting up the mic and stuff and I'd probably be too shy... Haven't you heard enough from me already? lol

    edit : oh and I liked Utopia, it was a cool song... And Adrian, I didn't know that Germans hated the French! lol French people don't like the Germans that much either... well I guess French guys probably like German girls (although some have a reputation of being VERY hairy, I once saw a German woman whose legs were like... nearly as hairy as a monkey? lol is that possible?!it was the impression I had). Where I'm from, in Provence, south east, we tend to like the Italians and Spaniards more, as the Provençal dialect is more like a mixture of Italian and French and we're closer to those two countries, whereas in the north east, as its closer to germany when they tend to like germans more and tend to learn german more in school.
    I have some Germans in my family, so I can't hate them too much, but they all can't speak english and have never tried contacted me... so screw! lol
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    There reason for the stupid intro is that I actually lost the introduction sound clips. So, I compensated with my natural ability to do great impressions.

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    Here's a suggestion for upcoming podcasts. During recording, consume some alcohol. That would be a bomb.
    Before you speak think about what you're trying to say.
    Who else is there to blame for miscommunication?

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    Ooo I like Randy's voice
    Great Podcast, again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ad8 View Post
    And to all those who want to see Carson filming while driving:
    (Carson is probably going to kill me for posting this)
    Um, not quiet what I had in mind : here

    Quick, call the Canadian Mounties

    Quote Originally Posted by Homer View Post
    The reason for the stupid intro is that I actually lost the introduction sound clips. So, I compensated with my natural ability to do great impressions.
    ... and a great impression you did, I don't believe that I ever sounded any better

    A great podcast all in all, we just keep on rocking it, so stay tuned.

    P.S. Just a general observation, when Randy was asked if he had met any other bbsers beside Karin, Randy responded NO. Um, you stand corrected, I think ... what about your beautiful wife
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