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Damn... didn't know there was a replica article... I'm new to this forums shit... but anyways, I was asking about the effects because I'm just planning to play with my Offspring tribute band in a club, and well... I'm not buying a Tube amp just for the occasion, lol, maybe in the future when I save some money... I'll probably rent the backline for this, or borrow it from my friends, but I can buy a couple pedals... thanks for the advice!
Hey, no problem, wasn't trying to say it was listed in another article so check there or anything. Was just mentioning it was out there because I put a lot of info in it and didn't want to just quote it here because that might piss someone off to cover the same stuff.

Biggest thing I've learned with the offspring is get a good overdrive, not too much, but kinda just that right amount, then mess with the treble/bass/mids some and go for it. To truely mimic on some songs there is some chorus (Can't Repeat, etc) or a Leslie pedal to get that intro to Gone Away.