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Thread: Behind the music

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    Cool Behind the music

    Wouldn't you agree it's about time we get a behind the music episode dedicated to our beloved offspring?

    Imagine all the crazy stories this guys have.

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    would be nice, they just dont strike me as the type that would do it though. i get the feeling hey like being away from the media spotlight whereas other bands love it!
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    Sure, why not I betcha that'd be a great idea. It is up to the band to decide. I'm down to see Behind The Music but are you guys willing to support it? *nods*

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    You know what, I've got a feeling we're still going to recieve a full version of the Offspring In The Studio video that featured the new song. I doubt that's the entire material of the video. I'm sure we'll get a full version
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    Yeah, I can see where you got that feeling, considering they've never done that, woo I can't wait!

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    The problem is that they would have to wear some kind of clothing then. :-\
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