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Thread: Tallan Latz - 10-Year Old Blues Guitarist Prodigy

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    Default Tallan Latz - 10-Year Old Blues Guitarist Prodigy

    There is this kid who is a bit of a prodigy on guitar - you may have heard of him? - his name is Tallan Latz - he started playing guitar at age 5 after seeing Joe Satriani on TV - he took a few lessons and the rest is history.. he is now 10 going on 30 . . .

    check out Tallan Latz!: (Tallan @ Age 7 playing 'Voodoo Child') (Tallan @ Age 8 sharing stage with the late great Les Paul) (Tallan @ Age 9 playing at BB King's Blues Club in Memphis) (Tallan @ Age 10 playing 'Voodoo Child' at BB King's Blues Club in Times Square - note how much he's improved when compared to his performance of this song @ 7 years old (3 years ago) and how he's perfected the subtle finesse needed for the lead notes on the upper fret bar). (Tallan in January 2010) He has also honed his stage presence and showmanship running to-and-fro on the stage - a confidence most probably developed from putting in time onstage with some of today's greatest Rythym and Blues musicians!

    Wherever there is greatness, there is also controversy. When Tallan was 8 years old, someone snitched on him and his agent - consequently Tallan wasn't allowed to perform in clubs where alcohol is served in the state of Wisconsin - his home state.

    He has a MySpace page: where you can read all about him and see more videos. His main love is Bluesy-Rock. (Wow!! - my personal fav!). His main influences are Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, and Joe Satriani (in the beginning, anyway). Nowadays, he appears to have added to that list with the likes of Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, and Kenny Wayne Shepherd - so he's definitely evolving. Be interesting to see if he strays far from the Bluesy-Rock, gets back to true Rhythm & Blues, or develops something altogether new and original!!! HE'S WORTH KEEPING YOUR EYE ON!!!

    All's I can say is this kid is gonna be hell on wheels when he hits puberty, his voice changes, the girls swarm, and he's really REALLY got material to write and sing about... It's like The Offspring's song, 'You're Gonna Go Far Kid' was meant for him! Look out world, the next greatest Rock/Blues guitarist/singer/songwriter is upon you!!!
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    I soooo love this kid. He is such a bright spot in the music industry. Some people are saying he's the reincarnation of Stevie Ray Vaughan, and I just sort of laughed when I first read that. HOWEVER....

    However, after doing some more research I discovered that Tallan is from Elkhorn, Wisconsin <------- that's the same place where Stevie Ray Vaughan died in a helicopter crash in the early morning hours of August 27, 1990, after playing Alpine Valley (East Troy, Wisconsin near Elkhorn) on August 26, 1990. Stevie Ray Vaughan was in one of 4 helicopters carrying band members enroute to Chicago. There was fog and haze making it difficult for flying, but the other 3 helicopters got up in the air quickly and above the fog, but not the one that Vaughan was on - for some reason the pilot stayed closer to ground level and didn't see an approaching hill (low mountain), crashing into terrain. Four days later on August 31, 1990, Stevie Ray Vaughan's funeral was held in Dallas, Texas, birthplace of the late great Bluesy-Rock Guitarist and Singer/Songwriter. Musician friends who attended included Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder, ZZ Top, Bonnie Raitt, and Jackson Browne. It's as if the spirit of blues-rock that was on Stevie Ray Vaughan sort of meandered around in the area for 9 years, 'til Tallan was born in 1999 and then landed on him. Recently, when Tallan was asked what was the most funnest place he's ever played at, he replied "Dallas, Texas". Crazy I know, but it definitely is highly coincidental.

    Back to Tallan, the kid is just phenomenal. There is a lot of talk about him on youtube - mostly all good, but some critical. Some folks think his popularity is due to his talent at such a young age and the "prodigy-ness". I actually had a similar initial thought - that once he was no longer young and cute and the label of "prodigy" wore off, that he would fade into obscurity like so many other young kids with talent. However, I just don't see that happening with this particular kid for several different reasons:

    1. He really "feels" the music. You can tell by his facial expressions and body language that the spirit of music flows through his veins.
    2. He plays "altruistically", meaning he wants to put a smile on people's faces - he said so himself.
    3. His goal is to be the "...biggest guitar player in America, that would be his [my] ultimate dream", quoted from American's Got Talent, July 2009.

    Many folks have been tracking this kid's progress since he was age 7. And many are saying that he will be the next blues legend. There are comments on Youtube that are soooo funny and ridiculously flattering, like:
    • "Im 29 and ive been playin for 15yrs dude, And im sitting here with my jaw on the floor...Your damn AMAZZZZING bro!!! You are Hendrix/SRV reborn!!! RESPECT!!!"
    • "You are amazing T Man. Stay healthy with all that limelight that is coming your way."
    • "I just threw my guitar out of the window. What's the use in learning to play the guitar if there is you?" <<----- Peeps! You may not be Tallan, but don't give up just because of the competition!!
    • "So what was it like in your previous life and was Woodstock all the mud they say it was?"
    • "I can't help to smile! You make my day Tallan everytime I listen to you!"
    • "This melted my face off"
    • "Dude, you ROCK! SRV reincarnated. I can't wait to see how you revolutionize the music world!"
    ^Those comments were posted as reactions to this YouTube video of Tallon tearing it up!:

    Ah'hahahaha! That "melt my face off" quote is hilarious! and right on target! Wow, to be a prodigy. I can't wait to hear what kind of singing voice he's gonna have after he goes through puberty! Sorry, just had to come back to my own thread - this kid makes me smile, just like what that lady said in that one comment.

    Rock on little man! \m/
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