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Thread: Am I becoming a complete asshole?

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    Default Am I becoming a complete asshole?

    So the Mormon thread got me to thinking about something that I have been struggling with for about the last year or so, and I'm really not sure how well I'm going to verbalise this, so please bear with me.

    A personal belief of mine, as is that of most people, is that in any debate, religious, musical, political, whatever, all views should be listened to, respected, critisized, and evaluated equally.

    Now, my opinion on errr ..opinions, has always been the same respectful stance. I believe/think what I believe/think and I will argue to defend it, but I have always made a point to respect other peoples views and opinions, and try to see it from thier side, always. I genuinely take a dislike to people blindly refusing to see the other side of the argument, and this is where my problem with myself is starting.

    To digress for a second (yes this is going to be a thread about Religion), I have always been an Atheist, from as far back as I learned to become a critical thinker (13/14?). Obviously like every other child in my country (Ireland) I was brought up in a Christian (in my case Catholic) school system, and naturally as a child took these beliefs as un-questionably as I did language or maths. So as an Atheist as we all know, I didn't/don't believe in any God, Religion, Deity, Fairytale, etc, but that was the extent of it, I don't believe it, everyone else I leave to their own devices to believe what they want.

    Now in the last year, thinking more and more on the subject, I have found myself taking a more extreme view than that of an Atheist, and in fact becoming an Anti-theist. Moving away from my previous rather lathargic and passive views of Religion, to a much less respectful one. That is to say, I truely now believe that Religion in all of its forms are positively harmful to society as a whole, and I simply cannot find it within myself any longer to respect the belief system of people who buy into Religion, a view which to my eyes is just becoming more and more so completely, utterly, and incomprehensibly *incorrect*.

    Honest to goodness, I would rather debate the views of a right wing National Socialist thinker and try to respect his ideals, than do the same with a Christian or Muslim. Simply based on the fact that at least Nazism (as completely wrong as it is) has it's basis in fucking reality, rather than fiction.

    Now therein lies my conundrum. I have *always* had time to hear the other side, and genuinely hate when views cannot be held, shown, and respected, but now, I myself, can't even entertain the possibilty of respecting someones views who believes in a false deity, and as much as I think I'm right to think that...completely shutting out an opinion and having no respect for someone goes against every fibre of my being. Fuck.

    Oh well, at least I'm not as much of an asshole as Andy.

    Disclaimer: Not trying to get into a Religious debate, and I completely understand any Religious people being offended by this post, but I don't care, I am *not* going to engage in a Religious debate in this thread, and you should be in an insane asylum, and the more I say things like that, the less guilty I feel about it.

    I dont know what point this thread is trying to make, I'm sure it's interesting enough for people to post though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bighead384 View Post
    I don't think I'm like this anymore, though many on this forum might think otherwise.
    As I've grown up some. back in the day. I even use myself as an example. reflected on things that happened in the past. I have a better understanding of things now. At least I can admit it now. I have somehow caused this situation by mentioning how I used to act on here. how I've changed. I'm a relatively normal poster now

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