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Llamas, can I ask what Agnosticism means to you?
That's a seriously loaded question. There are so many types of agnosticism... everyone who doesn't follow a religion or isn't atheist falls in this group. I consider myself an agnostic theist. I believe that at least one sort of god or deity probably exists, but that it's impossible for anyone to know anything about it/them, or if they even truly exist. I generally believe that "knowing" anything in these regards is a waste of time. I'm a strong supporter of doubt. I doubt that everything on earth happened by coincidence... and I doubt that some god just up and created it all from nothing. I relate to Richard in a lot of ways (yes, not only coneman and pilz read your post, man)...

Now, I also believe that it's possible for science to make headway in the future regarding religion, "proving" or "disproving" various things. I don't think that the existence of a deity is necessarily unprovable... just that, as we stand, as of now, there's no way to prove it.

Karin made a very good point that got overlooked, and I made a similar point in the other thread that got overlooked - a vast majority of religious people are not fucking whackjobs. I may not agree with them, and I may not fully always respect their opinions, but most of them are just normal people trying to get by in life. They just view things differently than I do.

I also just re-read my first post. Wanted to clear up that I don't think religious people are all nuts; I generally think their blind beliefs are nuts.