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Thread: Am I becoming a complete asshole?

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    Just came across this video (the first 3 minutes are relevant to this thread, and the rest of the video consists of a Motöthead song):

    I don't think it's even neccessary to explain all the things wrong with the video, so let me mention just two:

    1. He's basically brainwashing the most impressionable audience, the children
    2. Tyrannosaurus rex's teeth roots only go an inch deep into the jaw? Oh yeah?

    Guess what's on the picture that isn't in the bone? The black part. Basically, he's just ignoring evidences and making up false facts. I was sure this was a satire at first. It had to be. But it wasn't, and that's worrying.

    Of all religious freaks i know (now that i think of it, i'm not really sure if anyone of them really deserves the title anymore), NOBODY is that dumb.
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