Soo, I don't recall seeing a thread like that. I have the hardest time finding really good Iphone games. Most of the ones I download, even the one with a good ranking are quite crappy so I figured that we could make a thread to recommend.

I personnally have an Iphone but Android or other OS recommandations are welcome here.

So I start:

Highborn: I downloaded it on a day it was free. It's a strategy game, turn by turn. A little bit like the Age of Empires on DS. (Age of Kings is excellent by the way). It's not as good as a console or PC game of course but it's pretty good and pretty funny. You do have a different response depending on the characters you use and although I didn't like it at first, the world of the game is quite good.

The only flaw is the difficulty. Most of the first chapter (the only one available right now) is very easy and suddenly the last mission is incredibly difficult.