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Thread: Chrono Trigger Battle Theme (This'll Melt Your Face)

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    Default Chrono Trigger Battle Theme (This'll Melt Your Face)

    Alright, people. As most of you may know, I went on this huge Video Game Music Cover kick back in the day. Although some of that stuff is acceptable, I have since learned many new techniques and skills in both the fields of performance and mixing. rendering my past work as un-listenable.

    As a revitalization of sorts, I have gone back to redo the very first video game music cover I have ever done, Chrono Trigger's Battle Theme.

    Chrono Trigger - Battle Theme
    WARNING: You may orgasm.

    Seeing as how these covers will now be far and few between, I have no intentions of bumping my old thread. This is the dawn of a new era, folks.

    Here's a remaster of Sonic The Hedgehog 2's Chemical Plant Zone.

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    Great work! The older version was one of the few songs of yours that I couldn't really enjoy, but this one is waaay better. Chemical Plant Zone rocks, too.
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