I've recently started collecting vinyl records, but I'm only getting ones where there's actually a noticable improvement in sound quality over a CD version--especially with a band like The Offspring, since I already have all their stuff on CD.
So I was wondering, does anyone know if any specific albums sound significantly better on vinyl? I've never been satisfied with the sound of S/T and Smash on the CD versions, though from what I've heard that might simply be because the production was crappy to begin with.
Additionally, are there any specific pressings you guys can recommend? Audiophiles are always telling me how first pressings of albums are supposedly better, plus I'm already a little wary of the recent Ignition and Smash reissues, given that Epitaph's recent track record with mastering albums is, well, pretty fucking shitty.

*waits for Jojan to post a sarcastic response*