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Thread: Women rocks !

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    Default Women rocks !

    A thread for the bands with women. Share !

    A band from my teenage years and from that cool neighbour country of mine !

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    Rape revenge has a really good 7" out at the moment.

    uuuhhh F-minus are always good.
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    My favourite female-fronted bands (not counting solo female pop rock, which I love): Aркона, ABBA, Arch Enemy, Cadaveria, Darzamat, Evanescence, Garbage, Guano Apes, L7, Leaves' Eyes, Meanstreak, Nightwish, No Doubt, One More Girl, Rednex, Republica, Selena Gomez & The Scene, Sirenia, Spice Girls, The Cranberries, The Epoxies, The Faders, The Veronicas, Theatre of Tragedy, Theatres des Vampires, Tristania, Tsunami Bomb, Vanilla Ninja, Walls of Jericho, Within Temptation and X.

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    I enjoy the Creepshow (if you're into psychobilly, check them out!), Horrorpops, and lately i've really been digging RVIVR.

    I also sort of dig Tsunami Bomb/Action Design: meaning i've liked the few songs that i've heard, but haven't checked out their albums. And the Distillers have their moments.
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    Oh man, I've been on such a lady-fronted band kick lately. My top three are Marnie Stern (crazy math-rock with tapping guitar lines all over the place), St. Vincent (indie pop with Disney clarinets and fucking evil fuzzy guitars), and Amanda Palmer's solo venture (piano rockk, I guess).

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    The Devotchkas. Really good punk.
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    The Cranberries are a great band. Girlschool are an all girl 80's rock/metal outfit. They're alright.
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    Golliwog and Dover (links for music in the threads) are the female fronted bands that have grown on me the most. I will leave naming few other girl bands to llamas.
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    Most of my favorite bands have women involved, if not solely involved.

    1. Wir Sind Helden, my favorite band, German retro pop

    2. Girl in a Coma, all girl band, one of my favorites... southern/latin/rock/pop/etc

    3. Sleater Kinney, all girl band, no longer together, but so fantastic...

    4. Florence and the Machine, just found out about them, and their album is AMAZING

    5. Metric, indie pop

    I could go on for days, but these are some of my top favorites.

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    I will leave naming few other girl bands to llamas.
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