SO that dude in another thread said that there should be new threads and shit.... so I figured why not take the initiative and start one myself.
I still buy almost all of my music, partly because I feel like if I download it, I'm a piece of shit crook who stole someones hard work just because I don't want to spend the money, one because I like having physical things so just in case my computer fries(it could, I look at a lot of porn, and its old), and because of the artwork. I've bought albums for the sole purpose of I liked the cover a lot. I like reading the lyrics(if there is any) in the booklet. I like the smell of the fucking paper that the company uses for the booklets. So I figured why not talk about my favorite ones and maybe others will to, that's if people actually care about the artwork. And since I don't know how to put regular pictures just onto the thread thing i'll put the links down.

My first choice is Blacklisted's Heavier Than Heaven Lonelier Than God. I had no idea who they were before I bought the album, the picture just had this eerie sense of death or evil about it. So I picked it up and oh fuck the music matches the mood of the picture. Best 19 minutes ever.

Second and only other one I'll put in here right now, is the misfits' Static Age cover... don't really know why, I just like the cover.