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    Some of you already know me for various reasons I am here to shamelessly promote my music because I love music, not only my music, but music in general and because I think that many of you might share the same taste in music as I do.

    For those who don't know me I released an album in 2009 called "Sympaticus" and which you can listen to on iTunes, AmazonMP3, Spotify and on my site as well:

    I am about to release a new album in april this year which will be called "Alienation" and which will have 14 songs on it. To help promote it I recently recorded an acoustic set with 12 songs, some are covers, some are songs made by my band "Born Frustrated" and two of them are new songs from the new album. Keep in mind though that these are just acoustic demos and nowhere near the end product.

    So if you want to listen here are the acoustic tracks:

    Keep away from drugs kids!

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    As douchey as you were (again, for a multitude of reasons), you're surprisingly resourceful. I'll be checking your music out sometime later today.

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    Just gone through your links, awesome collection of tracks I must say.
    Specially loved the "Karolina"...
    Would love to hear more of your music.

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