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Thread: Campaign for The Offspring to come to the BBS Podcast

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    Default Campaign for The Offspring to come to the BBS Podcast

    Since the Lightning Rod campaign was such a success ... we, the podcast team (Ad8, Blitz!, Homer & myself) have decided that the time has arrived to institute another campaign.

    This time around, we would like the band members of the Offspring to come and be special guests on our podcast. For those of you who aren't familiar with the BBS Podcast, there have been seven episodes so far, one of which -- the Christmas/Yearcast episode -- has recently been released. We usually talk about what's going with the Offspring, and the forum activies, like the Your Band and General Chat sections. If you would like to check out the podcast threads, click here.

    We have attempted to contact the band directly and still continue to do so, however we have decided to open a thread and start a new campaign, and we'd like to have your support! We know that the band visits the forum, but if you can contact the band and tell them about the campaign, that would be appreciated. If you are unable to assist, please show your support by posting in this thread or elsewhere, that would be appreciated, too.

    So, Dexter, Noodles, Greg and Pete, you are officially invited to take part in our podcast. We're looking forward to recording with you guys!
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