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Thread: How serious do you take morals?

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    Default How serious do you take morals?

    "Don’t be too moral. You may cheat yourself out of much life so" - Henry David Thoreau

    Hope I'm not somehow misunderstanding this quote or it's context somehow, but I stumbled across this and it got me thinking about myself, and also about other people. I've always felt that a lot/most people don't really give a fuck and will do whatever they can get away with, with few limits. Do people justify their immorality with an extreme version of the sentiment expressed here? Then again, sometimes I just have moments where I say "Fuck it" and take the easier way out. Not so often that I'm ashamed of it or anything though.

    I guess overall what I'm wondering is: what do you think of the mentality expressed in this quote?

    I think it should say "seriously" in the thread title. Oh well.
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